Summary of my own lay OBEs research (also posted on the ACISTE Experiencer Forum)

Dear experiencers,

below pls. find a compilation of my own research on OBEs.

Over the last 20 years I have compiled the following characteristics (typology) of out of body experiences. It is solely based on:

- my own experience with OBEs (I had my first OBE in 1995)

- observation of OBEs of my husband who is an experiencer since birth and undergo significant OBEs every day for the last 40 years

- testimonies of private clients of mine who themselves are experiencers as well as participants of my lectures, speeches and workshops I am offering on OBEs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Feel free to contact me if any questions or don't read if boring:)

p.s. There might be some mistakes/irregularities in the sentence structure and/or grammar, since English is not my mother tongue :)

Out of Body experiences are accompanied by the following features:

- presence of a variety of physical sensations such as vibrations of various intensities emanating directly from inside, dizziness, shaking of body, sensation of body shaking from side to side caused by inner vibrations, sensation of falling into abyss, subtle sensations of floating

-presence of different sound effects such as:

sound similar to buzzing bees, flies, deep droning sound similar to the sound of singing Indian m Ohm mantra

-sounds similar to rattling, wheezing, ticking, powerful roar, the sound of bells or metal objects when colliding with each other

sound coming directly from within the body of OB experiencer, which could be their own breath, heartbeat, fluid motion inside the body, movements of organs inside the body and/or sounds produced by their movements

-body paralysis or inability to move from the place where body is located at the time, inability to move parts of the body, such as closing and/or opening eyes

- total inertia and inability to control one's own physical body, numbness/ paralysis of certain body parts

-watching own physical body contours (as if there was no dense physical body but its contours only, the contours look transparent)

watching the SELF (the quantum of energy expanded out of body) leaving the body, ending up either on the ceiling, either side of the walls of the room or speeding out of a room

Leaving the body

OB experiencers experience very many different types of instances of leaving the body. The following are most common types of exiting the physical body. (It is my understanding the Self or energy quantum leaving the body is in the form of a pure consciousness made of scalar standing waves leave):

-leaving the body intentionally and willingly while fully conscious (the highest degree of out of body experience)

-leaving the body while fully conscious but without prior planning and unexpectedly

-awakening from deep sleep, semi-sleep, lucid dreaming, hypnagogia, microsleep, REM microsleep into a state of being out of the physical body while experiencers perceive surroundings in the same manner as if they were physically in the body (it is not the case of astral projection)

-leaving the body while the experiencer observes themselves leaving the body

-leaving the body while experiencers watch their ethereal double (the case of bilocation), which can either be semi solid, transparent, in the form of contours of the physical body or just as light body. There are cases where at the time of departure from the physical body the ethereal body is seen elsewhere as real physical body, while experiencers either are or are not aware of the fact that the body is located in two places at once

-leaving the body while experiencers recognize that they are outside the physical body at the level of pure consciousness, as their own Self or as a point existing independently in the broader spacetime while this point is aware of itself

OBEs are often accompanied by the following features:

-OBE accompanied by a strong feeling that your own physical body is connected to a cord usually of silver color

-OBE accompanied by a sharp burning pain in the sacral region as well as energy centers in the coccyx, which some refer to as spontaneous awakening of Kundalini energy

-OBE accompanied by a panic fear that the experiencer will not be able to re-enter the body /fear of a permanent separation of consciousness from the physical body is considered the main cause of rapid return to the physical body

-OBE accompanied by traveling through a tunnel (the vast majority of people who have experienced traveling through the tunnel underwent NDE

Cases of NDEs most often take place during sudden shock, accidents, cardiac arrest, falling into coma and during the process of natural death.

-OBE accompanied by visions of bright glare despite the fact that OBE takes place at night

(experiencer often sees bright vibrant colors, or plasma like shimmering lights accompanied by sounds)

-OBE accompanied by absolute loss of control of the physical body on the part of experiencers with a onset of sleep paralysis

-OBE accompanied by a clear ability of experiencers to control their body remotely  

-OBE accompanied by blurry or double vision on the part of experiencers while surrounding environment appears moving in a wave like motion and shapeshiftin

-OBE accompanied by a strong feeling that experiencers were taken into another space-time, dimension, remote past or distant future, or an environment substantially different from terrestrial

-OBE accompanied by significant increase in perception of basic human senses such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

-OBE accompanied by an instant transfer over long distances to different places including other dimensions (via wormholes), various planets, moon, sun, past and distant future (the movement takes place instantly with a speed greater than the speed of light)

-in this case the out of body transfer is immediate and based solely on intentions ( desire) of experiences and their intensity and/or amplitude of the scalar waves

-OBE accompanied by a clear sense on the part of experiencers that energy (Soul, Self, vibration/oscillation quantum) projected outside the physical body has the ability to move in space-time so a distinct feeling of flying, hovering or jumping and/or skipping over large distances in space is created

-OBE under which experiencers find themselves crossing/ passing through tangible objects such as walls, doors, windows, pieces of furniture, ceilings, buildings, different objects, and even people themselves

-OBE during which the experiencer leaves the body while fully conscious and at the same time is able to carry out simple activities such as talking to others, talking on the phone, driving a car, moving the physical body around as if the Self never left the body, drinking, eating, walking as if the experiencer was fully inside their physical body

-OBE under which experiencers have the ability to touch other inanimate objects and/or outside as well as inside of living bio-matter whether of mineral nature, plants, animal or human

-OBE under which experiencers have the ability to move inanimate objects, or affect them otherwise via distance, such as breaking glass at distance without any physical contact between the experiencer and the object affected

-OBE under which experiencers are able to telepathically communicate with the following : human beings, unborn or dead, representatives of extraterrestrial life in different forms and different dimension, animals, trees, plants, even inanimate objects if of organic origin such as rocks, minerals, crystals, wood, metal, water, plasma, lights, colors, different shapes of light and sound

- OBE during which experiencers have the ability to hook up via resonance into the higher layers of physical bodies (such as the light body) of human beings, animals, trees, plants, minerals, wood, metal and by so doing communicate with them on the level of instant thoughts, exchanging their feelings , emotions, sensing them as if they were experiencers' own. Other abilities include sensing moods, examining states of consciousness, energy flow and patterning of the objects, or living beings, picking up information on them by odors/fragrances/smell, taste, skin, ears (except  eyes which are not used when out of body)

Some OB experiencers encounter:

-a 360 degree vision

-the ability to hear through walls,

-the ability to hear people talking at considerable distance

-the ability to smell different scents such as rose, lily, cigarette smoke, incense, vanilla, menthol, and other odors even though the objects emitting the fragrance are not present in the area or anywhere near the OB experiencers

-OBE ususally ends in the following ways:

-by own volition of experiencers

-automatically by being pulled back into the physical body by some unknown force  

-automatically based on fear or panic of not being able to return back to the physical body

-by a slow return to the body while experiencer is able to observe their own return to the body

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