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Dear Friends of ASCS,
This is my first post on ASCS so please be kind. As a 67 years passionate person who is enjoying travelling through the many pathways and journeys of Spirituality and Consciousness awareness it is good to really connect with like minded persons. Since a premonitory dream in 1973 that fully manifested in 1974 the journey of exploration as both student (aren't we always one) and facilitator has taken me through: spiritualism, new-age practices, social justice, men's work, positive ageing & theatre performance work. Fast forward 2012, where being inspired to deepen my own journey of ageing/spirituality/conscious awakening Soul Work Ensemble [.org] was born ...or reborn! This now involves facilitating a "Circle of Wisdom" home group, publishing a quarterly e-news, maintaining a website - and in 2015 a community discussion group project.The project themes include: Dreams, Spirituality, Conscious Awakening, Soul Work and Paranormal topics. Importantly, in this consciousness journeying I would be very interested, creatively, in hearing about similar projects to Soul Work Ensemble that engage freely with the wider community on a non-profit basis ...particularly if these are established - but not limited to those groups/practitioners in Australia.Thank you for reading this posting.Web Site

- globalcitizen

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