Steve Barrell, MA, CHt.

Presentation Title: "What Do Ghosts Teach Us"

Presentation Description: What do ghost & hauntings investigators actually do? Based on evidence fo5m investigations, what have we learned?  And what new questions are awaiting answers?  Actual evidence from hauntings will be presented.

The first half of the presentation describes how parapsychological field investigators aka ghost hunters from Haunted North Carolina, Inc. address several various cases from their caseload.  The second half deals with actual data, particularly EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), what we learned from it, what questions the data present, and how we might further explore these findings.  

If consciousness is independent of the physical body, then our consciousness is only temporarily attached to our body. Can another consciousness being, without a body, attach to our body at the same time, and what can be done to prevent and remedy this? In his presentation about Spirit Attachments and Spirit Releasement Therapy, Steve surveys different scenarios that can affect a person’s ability to function independently of other consciousnesses, and how these are remedied.

Biography: Steve Barrell is a practicing transpersonal hypnotherapist in Durham, trained by the International Association for Regression Research and Therapy in San Diego, and specializing in Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) and Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT). He is president of Haunted North Carolina, Inc. He is also a seminarian at the United Metaphysical Churches of Roanoke, VA, and an associate of the Rhine Research Center, where he consults on hauntings and leads the Dreams Study Group.

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