Spiritual Mysticism and the Spiritual Transformative Experience

June 2015 Conference Archives

The Spiritual Mysticism and Spiritual Transformative Experience Section of ASCSI is pleased to invite you to our excellent lineup of speakers for the June 2015 conference.

This topic examines the mystical attributes of enlightened individuals of many religions and the profound spiritual awakening experiences encountered by many people today.

Without the knowledge of the signs and symptoms related to a spiritual awakening event many people experiencing these symptoms are becoming fearful and seeking medical treatment to suppress the experience rather than growing through it.  It is our goal to educate and inform individuals as well as medical and psychological practitioners in order that they may differentiate between the experiences.

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Carl W Ernst: 

Presentation: "Sufism in the Modern World: Do Rumi and Hafiz Still Speak to us Today?"

Dr. Harold G. Koenig, MD

Presentation: ""Current Developments in Spirituality & Health Research"

Stanley Krippner: 

Presentation: Dreams from Another Dimension?

Sandy Gentei Stewart, Osho:

Presentation: Zen Buddhist perspective on Death and the Grieving Process

Ginette Nachman:

Presentation: The Farther Reaches of Mind/Body Medicine:  Support for Nonlocal Influences in Healing

Karen Herrick: 

Presentation: Your Soul Is Your Real Self – “The wings that form the butterfly lie folded in the worm.”

Lee Lawrence:
Presentation: Understanding the Human Soul and the Purpose of Life

Pre-Conference Event on Wednesday, June 10, 9am-noon: A New Perspective on Christian Scripture Based Upon the Science of the Human Soul or Spirit

Post-Conference Event
on Sunday, June 14, 1-5pm: Relationships, Love and Energy Psychology ($65)

Theresa Yuschok:

Presentation: Breakdown or Breakthrough: The signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening vs a mental illness

Nancy Scooter McMoneagle: 

Presentation:  We Are More Than Our Physical Bodies

Michael Peter Langevin: 

Presentation:  Magic, Shamanism and Technology

Nancy Bush: 

Presentation:  Ancient Voices and Modern Visions: What! NDEs in the Bible?

Bob TrowbridgeMystical MindShift: A Transformative Journey

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