Rhonda Eklund-Schwartz

Presentation title: How to See Spirit:  A Personal and Scientific Investigation

Presentation description: There is an art and a science to seeing spirit.  Describing herself as a selective research medium, Rhonda Schwartz works exclusively with specific spirits.  In 2006 upon meeting and joining forces with her husband and scientist Dr. Gary Schwartz, they dedicated themselves to searching for answers and developing technology that would hopefully one day be able to detect spirit and enable them to be seen and heard.  Today Rhonda and Gary work with a team of “post-material” people, including scientists, writers, entertainers, higher spiritual beings and lay people alike, all seemingly dedicated to bringing advanced scientific understanding, healing and peace.  Rhonda had been in contact with the other side for a number of years, as reported in her book Love Eternal, before she started actually seeing spirit visually.  

Then one day one of the team members was able to present themselves to her so clearly, it ignited a new line of investigation.  Seeing them now regularly, she has spent over a thousand hours in the past five years trying to learn from them what they know and can share with us about the optics and physics of themselves, their world and how it interfaces with ours.  Rhonda
is a trained artist and is very acute visually.  Gary, with his knowledge of psychology and physics, is able to ask her probing questions about her experiences, which then start to give clues as to how she is able to see spirit which under normal conditions are invisible.  In her address Rhonda will talk about her journey and the six types of evidence which together support the reality of seeing spirit: (1) independent mediumship verification, (2) spontaneous validation of information received, (3) synchronicity, (4) experiments comparing imagination with seeing spirit, (5) brain
imaging, and (6) results using the latest technology.

Bio:  Rhonda Schwartz, MA, is the author of Love Eternal and her new book, soon to be released, Seeing Heaven.        

Rhonda received both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts degree from Northern Illinois University.  She also worked for a major company for 23 years serving in a variety of capacities including quality control and as an international specialist.  Being an artist and mystic at heart, as well as being science minded, she is happy to now be able to devote herself full-time to nurturing her evolving relationship with a team of spirits and her pursuit of trying to understand the physics of spirit and the science of the greater spiritual reality.

Author of 


Breakthrough Personal and

Scientific Evidence for Life After Death

"The question of the survival of bodily death is one of the most important issues humans face. Rhonda Eklund-Schwartz's passionate descriptions offer hope and encouragement, for they add to the growing evidence that immortality is a fact."

-- Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing words and the Power of Premonitions

Love eternal is a wonderful, inspiring journey between a mother and a daughter: one that tells us much about love and survival.  There are hints of the great and wondrous after-life that sometimes present themselves to us as a simple and often times unrecognizable, and then those "AHA" moments when we know, somehow, deep in our hearts, that our loved ones are still around us.

For those of us that have experienced great loss, the subject of survival of consciousness is a constant companion, just below the surface, tugging at our heartstrings, and the begging question is; "Is it so?"

Although science is getting closer to perhaps proving the existence of spirit, we are still left at this very moment with those uniquely human attribute like: Faith, Hope and Love.

I and millions of other choose to believe.  We make the conscious decision to believe in the eternal existence of the "soul."   For the alternative is just too horrific, too completely unacceptable.

This is a book about those moments both large and small that further our conviction that the soul is eternal.....  Enjoy what we call those "Dragonfly Moments" of love and synchronicity.

     -John Debney, Academy Award nominated film composer for: The Passion of the Christ, Dragonfly, Evan Almighty

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