Nandini Sinha Kapur

Presentation title: An Experiential Approach to Survival of Death: Extracts from EVP and ITC Images

Presentation description: Literature and laboratory findings have debated and proved the survival of human spirit/soul after physical death. This brief paper is based on presenter’s personal experience of actually experiencing her late husband’s presence in her life and house. Initially, my husband, Prof. Vijay Kapur, who died of sudden cardiac arrest in his Delhi University office on 31st May, 2013, made his presence felt through a lot of noise and sent sweet fragrance, took water from the glass of water kept for him in front of his photo (July 2013-August 2014).

Recorded conversations with Vijay began in January, 2014 and these have yielded wonderful results proving that Vijay has survived by his personality, memory, consciousness and even exact voice. Water ITC indicate his willingness and mission to announce to the world that Vijay has survived. 

Biography: Dr. Nandini Sinha Kapur (Ph.D, JNU) is a historian with nearly two decades of teaching experience in the University of Delhi. She joined SOITS in 2009. Dr. Nandini Sinha Kapur has several research publications to her credit and is the author of three books, “State Formation in Rajasthan: Mewar During 7th -15th Centuries”, “Reconstructing Identities: Tribes, Agro-Pastoralists and Environment in Western India” (AD-7th -20th Century) and “Environmental History of Early India” published by Oxford University Press, 2011 and 2nd reprint to this book came out in 2012.She is the recipient of the prestigious Homi Bhabha fellowship and has been a visiting Scholar at Harvard, Chicago, Columbia, London and Leiden Universities.

Dr. Nandini Sinha Kapur is a member of The Indian Paranormal Society and has recently been  awarded a grant by The Society for Psychical Research, UK, for her findings on survival of life after physical death and EVP.

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