Bob Trowbridge

Presentation title: Mystical MindShift: A Transformative Journey

Presentation description: Most of our limitations are of the mind. Change occurs first in the mind. Transformation requires a MindShift. 

There is an ancient spiritual belief system that is found in most world religions and spiritual systems. It is simply put but can be the work of a lifetime of study, contemplation, and practice. These quotes contain that philosophy very succinctly: “You create your own reality/world.” (Seth)  “Thoughts are things.” (Edgar Cayce, Ernest Holmes, and probably others).  Although it is common New Age fare, it is a radical belief system when taken literally. It can show us why we have not achieved our dreams as well as how to achieve those dreams. Ultimately it contains within it the path to enlightenment. The mind contains within it all of our possibilities and potentials. It also contains our limitations. We create our reality, our world, the same way the Divine created everything, with our mind.

So every thought and feeling is creative. As Paramahansa Yogananda said, “Every tomorrow is determined by every today.” This is radical in its implications. It means that everything that exists in our lives and in our world is created by our mind. In other words, the way things work in this world is through magic. There are many books that tell us how changing our mind can change our world. I believe that is true but I believe there is a more radical and hopefully more helpful way to look at it.

The mind is a collection of thoughts and ideas that we have about ourselves, others, and the world. Much of this is invisible to our conscious self because we tend to accept our beliefs as reality. Perception trumps reality. In this presentation, we will talk about three aspects of reality creation and how we can use them to MindShift into the self we wish to be. We will try to find that larger self and experiment with ways of moving into that greater identity.

Bio: Bob Trowbridge has explored spiritual themes as a speaker, counselor, and writer. He gave workshops and talks in California and nationally for over 30 years. He appeared on radio and TV programs and has dozens of published articles. He has spoken many times for the A.R.E. and New Thought churches.

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