Alan Hugenot

Presentation Title: Science of Consciousness Survival

Presentation Description: All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter”. Max Planck 1900 

 Today, there is a new convergence of Physics, Biology and Spirituality, all pointing to the scientific reality of consciousness survival in a non-religious afterlife. The reason for this meta-paradigm shift is because Quantum electro-dynamics (QED) formalized in 1934, (and mathematically proven since 1965), has shown materialism to be entirely false in its very foundational “First Principles”.

 The proof of non-locality in 1996 and its replication a dozen times since, has re-confirmed that materialism is entirely false, further showing that consciousness is indeed the matrix of the universe. This is just as Max Planck postulated that it must be back in 1900. Scientifically, materialists can no longer ignore that consciousness exists outside the physical. Our individual consciousness, is an integral part of the matrix upon which our material realty is built, and so our individual consciousness is itself eternal.  If you think all of this through, it becomes evident that our most proven theory in all of science......Quantum electro- dynamics (QED) actually requires consciousness survival, as pointed out by John Von Neumann. Rigorous science (actually looking at all the data) brings one to this inevitable conclusion. Therefore, anyone choosing not to believe these facts, regardless of how “scientific” they may claim to be, is simply foolish. 

 Although, many Materialist scientists fearfully still hold to the 350 year old “religion” of Materialism (and a religion is any belief system not back up by scientific facts); it is now time to drop the comfortable certainty of the archaic Materialist “belief system” (BS) based on the presumed “first principles” of classical Newtonian physics (which have all been falsified by modern science) and move on into post-materialist science and a new worldview. 

 "Alan Hugenot” lectures on “the Leading-Edge Science of the Afterlife,... he concluded that the entire universe is conscious and that this explains both near-death experiences and certain paradoxes of quantum theory.... As someone with a physics degree, I know that Hugenot’s....basic idea of a conscious universe is neither crazy nor new.... Erwin Schrödinger, one of the fathers of quantum physics, was an avid student of Hindu philosophy, and believed something similar.” Gideon Lichfield, April 2015 Atlantic Monthly  


Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot, Engr.Sc.D. is a semi-retired, Naval Architect & Marine Engineer, who often works as an expert witness in maritime cases. After surviving a Near-Death experience (NDE) in 1970, which occurred during a 12 hour coma, he has made a 46 year, scientific study of Consciousness Survival and Evidential Mediumship. The NDE "opened" his consciousness to intuitive communications, yet he struggled with society’s non-acceptance of the truth of the Near-Death experience. But, as science caught up with his awareness, he began to “come out” as a public speaker on the subjects of Consciousness Survival in an Afterlife. Later, after completing 4 years of studies with the Morris Pratt Institute (NSAC), and Graduate work at Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science (SNU) in Essex, Great Britain; he began to serve as a demonstrating medium at Spiritualist churches, and currently (2014 & 2015) he also serves as research medium for scientific experiments at the Consciousness Research Lab at IONS ( working with Dr. Dean Radin, Ph.D and Dr. Arnaud Delorme, Ph.D,. Further, since October 2015, Dr. Hugenot has formed a long term partnership as a working medium with Dr. Gary Schwartz, Ph.D (University of Arizona), and is also a 2016 research medium for the Psychical Research Foundation (PRF,

Dr. Hugenot currently also serves on the Board of Directors for both the International Association for Near Death Studies ( and the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies (   He is fascinated with parapsychological science and the physics of consciousness, consciousness survival in an afterlife, mediumship, remote viewing, and out of body experiences. Trained in classical Newtonian physics, but having also experienced the phenomena of out-of-body consciousness, and consciousness survival in an afterlife he realizes that our materialist paradigm is an extremely restricted aperture for viewing the larger reality of the Conscious Universe, yet he also comprehends the skeptic's perceptive difficulty that, "consciousness survival can never be observed unless the observer first infers that it could be possible". He speaks several times each month at various conferences on the Death, Experience, Consciousness Survival and Mediumship Science throughout North America at local IONS and IANDS groups and at various Unity and Spiritualist churches and holds workshops on Evidential Mediumship. He is available, by prior arrangement, to speak on the SCIENCE of CONSCIOUSNESS SURVIVAL and hold workshops on EVIDENTIAL MEDIUMSHIP throughout the USA, Europe and the British Commonwealth.


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