After-Death Experience and the Survival of Consciousness

After-Death Experience and the Survival of Consciousness

June 2016 Conference Chapel Hill, NC


Speakers listed under this topic explore research and experiences of individuals who have had near death experiences or communication with deceased loved ones.

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Rhine Research Center

ESP reports from the Rhine: Pamela St. John, Gonçalo Veiga and Susan Freeman

Pamela St. John

"ESP Reports from the Rhine"

Susan Freeman

"ESP Reports from the Rhine"

Gonçalo Veiga

"ESP Reports from the Rhine"

Carlos Alvarado

"The 'Science of the Soul': Ernesto Bozanno, Psychic Phenomena And Survival of Death"

Alan Hugenot

Robert and Suzanne Mays

"Analysis of NDE memories and EEG evidence leads to a new model of mind and brain"

Yvonne Sneeden

Jim Tucker

"Children Who Report Memories of Previous Lives"

Dr. Nancy Zingrone

"Finding Your Teacher: The Value of Knowing Something about the Science of Parapsychology"

Roy Hill

"The Nature of Spiritual Consciousness"

Callum Cooper

"Telephone contact with the dead and other unique methods of after death communication"

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