The Catholic Church's top exorcist, who claims to have sent 160,000 demons back to hell, says he wants Pope Francis to allow all priests to start performing the ritual to deal with a rising demand for exorcisms from the faithful.

Father Gabriele Amorth, 88, who also heads the International Association of Exorcists, told The Sunday Times that he will ask Pope Francis to allow all priests the right to do exorcisms without the church's approval. According to the report, priests currently need special approval from their bishop to perform the rite and it is rarely granted.

"I will ask the pope to give all priests the power to carry out exorcisms, and to ensure priests are properly trained for these starting with the seminary. There's a huge demand for them," said Father Amorth.

He explained that he was inspired to make the request after watching Pope Francis perform what he insists was an exorcism on a man "possessed by four demons" in St. Peter's Square.

Bizarre Video: Pope Performs"Exorcism"


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The mere statement that this priest has done this indicates that he is coming from ego and has not done it.  In order to do this work,  you cannot be proud of what you have done.  Pride will be your weakness that will cause your demise.

Further, even if he participated in these spirit releasements, he did not do them.  They would have been done through him, but not by him.

Lastly, sending a demonic spirit to hell is  a blessing from the perspective of the spirit.  They are afraid of the Divine Light much more than hell. Redeeming them by guiding them to find their inner spark of Divine in their soul removes their darkness forever.  Sending them to hell is like pulling a nail from a tire only to throw it back in the road again.  They will keep returning over and over again.  Possibly he removed one demon 160,000 times!

I think I have to disagree with you, Lee, that “sending a demonic spirit to hell is  a blessing from the perspective of the spirit.  They are afraid of the Divine Light much more than hell.”


It is my understanding that all entities are made up of Divine love energy, or Holy Spirit, which is God, and then combined with different proportions of other positive and negative energies to make each individual spirit unique.  Whether housed in a physical body or not, the goal is to ultimately use our creativity to define our relationship with our creator in way that we learned ourselves.


Consider that an entities anatomy consists of 7 main energy vortices, or chakras, each offering both positive and negative forces. If the negative energies are dominant, they will attract more negative energies to it, as like attracts like. So let’s say that this is the make-up of what is said to be an “Evil Spirit.” Typically, formal religion has made fears of the spiritual realm a standard practice by not allowing a working understanding of the negative energies that God created. Let me explain…


 Since God created our universe with many types of both negative and positive energies, and knowing that everything is kept in balance by the law of opposites, we can begin to look at Satan and hell in a non-threatening way--which would be as a challenge and a learning experience for that particular entity.. So an evil Spirit is nothing more than an entity with a build-up of predominantly negative energy in his field –and this imbalance makes it difficult for him to use the negative energy in a positive way, resulting in a distorted view that puts faith in the negative and creating a commitment to fear, rather than to God. It is no secret that in our physical lives, our fears are what prevent us from moving forward in every situation in our lives, including on our spiritual path towards God. 
So having said all that, let’s look at the case of what is known as “evil  spirit possession”…..many religions teach that the possibility of an entity with an overabundance of negativity in his field can make himself known to us through possession. So this exacerbates fears in those who need fear as means of spiritual growth. 
Because Christian religions have made fears of the spiritual realm a standard practice, they have also included in their rituals, a method of exorcism or deliverance, which consists of continuous prayers, directed at God, for the sole purpose of redirecting ones faith to be in God and not in fears. During the exorcism rites, what’s actually happening behind the scenes is that God’s Spiritual Messengers (whom I call “healing Guides”) are working invisibly,  manipulating and blending subtle energies together, utilizing the positive energy from the prayers to balance out the negativity in the fields of both the “evil” entity and the person who is fearful to manifest a new response from both. Remember that fear is negative energy and like attracts like…and entities in the spiritual realm always work in a way that all ultimately benefit.
A successful outcome from the energy of prayers always births a newfound


"It is my understanding that all entities are made up of Divine love energy, or Holy Spirit,"

I 100% agree with you.  However, these dark spirits are told and believe that the Love & Light will kill them.  They scream like crazy and get very violent when the Love & Light is getting near them.  Surrounding them with it is the technique used to educate them that they have been told and believe a lie and they actually are made up of Divine Love energy, or Holy Spirit.

Allow me to point out that very few of the earthbound spirits are actually demons.  Most are merely spirits who have lost their physical bodies and have been recruited by the demons.  There is a hierarchy in the demonic dark spirit realm and their recruits just as their is a hierarchy in the Angels of Light.

I think that you and I are in agreement, but disagreeing on semantics.  I've been doing spirit releasement work for over twenty years and most of what I say is based upon actual experiences, not just theory.  I've only run into a few actual demons as most have been earthbound spirits.  This is not an area of work I seek out, but deal with it when it arrives on my path.  

 Late  response . 

One would think that when dealing with negative entities, positive energy ( prayers, intentions) would be the preferred method. Trying to banish a spirit using negative intentions (as in) "send them hell" would only feed the negativity already present. 

 Please remember demons are Rare. There are some real nasty  human spirits (consciousness) out there, but personality does not change just because someone has died ! You are in death what you were in life.


"Consider that an entities anatomy consists of 7 main energy vortices, or chakras, each offering both positive and negative forces."

These chakras or energy vortices consist of masculine and feminine energy which are bound together with a frequency of Love that corresponds with the frequency associated with that particular level of consciousness.  Love is the glue or mortar that holds the soul together.  Without Love, consciousness cannot stabilize and follows paths that generate fear, anger, jealousy, guilt and all the other obstacles to Love.  The purpose for human life is to find and remove the obstacles to Love that exist within our soul in order that our souls may grow.  

White Light is Love at all levels of consciousness, unrefracted.  It can refract and provide Love at each chakra or level of consciousness and is the reason for the feeling of wholeness associated with nirvana.

I don't view these forces as being positive or negative.  I view them as being the same energy flowing in opposing directions.

Many of the spirits I find are merely souls of babies that have been aborted who attach to the mother and are lost.  They are not bad, they are just lost and cling on to the mother, feeling lost and not knowing where to go. Some are ghosts, who hang around due to various earthly attachments.  Often, a soul will stay in this realm due to human love which creates an attachment, unlike Divine Love which is freeing.

 Your reference to an aborted fetus is reflective of your personal beliefs on abortion- not a factual statement. jc


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