Now that we have ASCS member Tony Scazzero among us, I'd also like to hear more about his new book, Power Animals and Their Symbolism (, 3/21/15). In an email chat yesterday, Tony--whom I have never met or talked to--sent me the animal symbol he believed to be mine. It was remarkably similar to my character, so I asked him to do my mother and husband--also remarkably true to type. So I'm curious--and hope Tony will tell us all about it.

Here's what Amazon says about it: "By understanding power animals, we can know ourselves and those around us better. Many people cannot comprehend why they think or act in a certain way. It is easier to understand ourselves by studying what our power animal's intrinsic nature is. Finally, by appreciating power animals we can better understand the nature and characteristics of the source of it all - our Creator and Parent, God. The secrets of the power animals that has been lost and forgotten are finally being re-discovered so we can awaken to this new realm of spirituality. Today all the mystical traditions are opening their doors in order to accelerate the transformation of the world. Learning new spiritual concepts challenges our previous beliefs, but when we can learn these new insights, we can become better people and the world will become a better place."

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Hi Donna,

Understanding people (or even ourselves) is sometimes a challenge. If we can connect with the nature of a animal, there is definitely a resonance or even a new metaphysical friendship that can be developed. I think the Native Americans understood the sacred nature of animals and even named themselves after them. i.e. Owl Woman, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Running Deer, Dances with Wolves.  I sometimes sign my e-mails to my friends as Bee Man or Squid Man just to remind myself of my original heart and soul. When we learn and utilize our God-given "animal" nature, it opens up a whole new world for us. In fact, once you connect with your own spirit animal it is very easy to connect to any of them. Olympic athletes know how to connect with the spirit of the dolphin or cheetah to  swim or run faster. But most people unconsciously or subconsciously are attracted to a certain bird, fish, mammal or insect for a good reason. It just may be their intrinsic nature to "fly like an eagle."

I usually do a sway, muscle, pendulum test when someone asks me what their power animal is. Anyone cannot mediate and pray to learn about their spirit/power animal. Ideally we should connect with and learn from all the animals.

Thanks, Tony. So how did you find your way to this understanding of our animal natures? And when you use the pendulum, what is it pointing to that directs you to a particular animal? Also, confessing my ignorance of the subject, I've heard people use the words "totem" and "familiar" to describe an affinity to animals. Are either or both of these what you're describing, or something different?

Hi Donna,

There is a learning curve with the spirit animals.  There are probably a dozen good websites and a dozen good books on the subject, all a bit different but sometimes overlapping. If you would have asked me 3 years ago about this subject, I probably would have said, I don't know anything.  So I started to read and research and test the waters. I kept adding different insects, birds, reptiles, mammals to my own list. I was surprised to find some people I knew said they had an affinity or at least identified with a certain animal.

To find someone's totem/spirit animal, I use my body as a pendulum with my own list of 220 animals.  I say a prayer, then go down the list in alphabetical order, when I muscle/sway test the person's name to the list, I stop at the letter that "connects", then I go down the list of animals in that letter to find the one that "fits" that person. Frankly, it is a gift from Mother God that I am able to help people find their power animal. Some people don't care to know, so I only offer my free service to someone who asks.  It is my own made up system, I don't think anyone else uses it. There are so many kinds of birds, insects, and even just cats and dogs, all I can do is hope that one of these 220 animals can match that person. Anyway, most people have more than one power animal. Some have 5 to 10. I think anyone can pray or mediate to connect to their spirit animal.

Thanks, Tony. It sounds like it takes some time to do--so a very nice service to people.


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