This book sounds a lot like my book, Who Is Mother God?  Unfortunately, we have to do a lot of digging to find our about the Divine Feminine because She has been forgotten and buried by His-Story.  Some of Mother God's latest messages can be found at

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Here is information about Tony's book, and I would love to hear more about it. Tony, how would you say your book differs from Tricia McCannon's Return of the Divine Sophia. For our members, Tony's Who is the Mother God was released by Outskirts Press in October 2013.

Amazon says, "Mother God transcends all religions! There is usually a period of culture shock that people go through when they are introduced to the feminine language about God. Advocating God as Mother frees us up to embrace God as Father in even more credible and healthy ways. Eventually calling God Mother will seem less heretical and even more orthodox than those who limit God to only Father. Leave Mother God out, and Father God becomes a single parent struggling to support everyone. Today most religions are patriarchal even though ironically in the past most were matriarchal. Most people know "Our Father" who art in heaven, but are unconvinced of Mother God's reality and influence. Who Is Mother God? re-introduces Her past and Her modern-day advent to everyone. By Her restyling the social order through gender-balance, the way will be created for genuine and lasting peace."

Hi Donna,

I think Tricia's book, Return of the Divine Sophia is right on the money. The Divine Feminine has been liberated in humanity's consciousness and now things will start to straighten out. In fact, Mother God is here to blow the lid off the patriarchal religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Understanding the truth about the Godhead is no small task.  God as the divine harmonized gender balance parent of masculinity and femininity makes a lot more sense than just "Our Father Who Art in Heaven."  The world has been like a child with a single parent. We need to know that in some areas - Mom is in charge - just like in a home. Some people who have mediated and prayed deeply have come to understand the feminine aspect of God. In fact, it completely opens one's spiritual life when we understand our Heavenly Parent as Mother and Father God. Admittedly, it is a little hard to explain so I put mediumistic messages from Mother God and Father God in my book, Our Mother and Father God

Released last September by Bookstand Publishing, here is Tony Scazzero's Our Mother and Father God.

Amazon: "Our Mother and Father God shares the heart and words of both Mother God and Father God. The messages from Mother God come through the medium, Christopher Krefft, and from The words from Father God come through the medium, Child of God, and from Heavenly Parent's desire is to express fatherly and motherly love to everyone. Humanity has been severely handicapped for too long in not knowing the harmonized, gender-balanced Heavenly Parent. Mother God: "I have been waiting for a long time to express my femininity. I have been waiting a long time to be recognized, in My Self, as having feminine value, just as humanity has recognized God in My Self as having masculine value. If we don't change the way we talk about God, we deny women and God the opportunity to speak Her uniqueness and Herself." Father God: "You have built a society based on fear, not on love, as you should have. You act in fear, in fear of not being loved as you are. Remember, you are perfect and I love you. You deserve my love no matter what. You must find inside your soul that place where you feel love. Your soul is a very delicate part of you, the eternal part. The part that is forever connected to me!"


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