Some authors include hyperlinks embedded in the text to help the reader access more information. An example is the perception essay at

As a reader, do you follow such reading aids? Do you think they are useful or just in the way?


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I think it's useful, Tom--and one of the values of forums like these: that we can all bring what we know or have discovered to the table for the benefit of all.

What I had in mind is whether or not hyperlinks are useful in eBooks. The Amazon eBook reader, for instance, is designed to read a novel and attempting to follow an internal link in the book pretty much scrambles the reader's sense of where the reader is. I find using my Kindle for reading technical material is just irritating. 

There are a number of apps that support internal navigation, but one must go back and forth. For instance, I have a diagram that is referred to in many parts of an eBook. I have the option of putting it in the book once, or each time it is referred to.

I use an extensive glossary of terms because the applied definition for many of the terms will be unfamiliar to the reader. Potentially, that is a lot of hyperlinks. 

As I have done in this forum, I offer website address for many of the references. Again, more hyperlinks.

So my question is, do people like having hyperlinks to supporting material, or do they ever bother to follow them?

I find them useful if not overdone. When you're reading a book and need to see something in the appendices or index, you can hold your finger in the page where you're reading and flip back there. In an ebook, you have to find other ways to keep your place and flip to somewhere else.I'm getting better at it, but I remember having that feeling of continuously losing my place when I first started. It's always best to bookmark your page before you follow a link.


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