A new question for all (with admitted self-interest as a publisher). With all the various forms of advertising and book-buying options, how do you find your way to most of the books you've read in recent years? How do you become aware of a book, and do you buy in a traditional store or online? Do you buy paper or e-books? Do you get it from the library?

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Good question and one for which I expect each of us to have a unique answer.

When I began writing books in 1990, I stopped reading for learning/exploring and began reading for research. Today, I prefer an ebook because, if it has value, I will probably want to quote a part of it. I can search ebooks and take all of them with me when I travel. (Travel is just "away research time." :-)

The best books I have read in resent years have been discovered for me by others. For instance, Craig Weiler's blog on First Sight. Craig mentioned the book was all about ambiguity even though that word was only used about two times in the book. "Ambiguity" was a trigger for me as the key for how worldview evolves. First Sight Theory turned out to be the instruction set for our perceptual process.

It does not happen very often, but every now and then, a book is presented to me like that.

     Donna...that's a very good question.  With so many books available that explain various aspects of the survival of human consciousness and spirituality, how does one know what books to choose?

     To answer your question, I believe a spiritual foundation could be built by using the many "bricks" available.  My discovery of the spiritual teachings of Christian Spiritualism has helped me build such a foundation.  This approach may not be for everyone, but it works for me.

     Briefly, Christian Spiritualism is a large body of spiritual teachings transmitted by spirit teachers through the talents of two deep-trance mediums in both Germany and Switzerland.  Therefore, in deciding what books to choose and KEEP, I always search for agreements between any new information and these teachings.  My spiritual bias, I admit.

     However, what surprised me the most is the high degree of agreement between Christian Spiritualism and the information (i.e. messages) contained in Michael Tymn's wonderful book, The Afterlife Revealed.  The following quotation from Mr. Tymn's December 2014 Editorial, "Evidence vs. Enlightenment," is quite powerful in its insight:

     ".....to the extent that the teachings in this book [Spiritual Light] and other books mentioned are fairly consistent, appeal to reason and can be reconciled with a just and loving Creator, they definitely point in the direction of truth."

     In choosing and buying books, I use mail order and online purchases.  No e-books since I do not own an e-book device.  I also use bibliographies; when a book appears that interests me, I read the reviews and browse its contents.  If I sense a match with these teachings, then I purchase it.  Most work out; some don't.    A couple of recommendations: Communication with the Spirit World of God by Rev. Johannes Greber (an introduction to Christian Spiritualism), The Ministry of Angels by Mrs. Joy Snell, Into the Light by Dr. John Lerma and The Afterlife Revealed by Michael Tymn.

     For me, building such a foundation of spiritual knowledge can result in increasing our understanding of the afterlife and our spiritual future once we arrive there.

                                                                                                              Bob Landro


Thanks for the recommendations.  Much appreciated. Mike

I believe the best source is the Amazon section that reads "Customers who bought this book also bought...."


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