Voices of Faith: If there are demons, do they exist inside or outsi...

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The Kansas City Star

Voices of Faith: If there are demons, do they exist inside or outside of us?


Pastor Marcia Fleischman, Broadway Church, Kansas City, Mo.:

I have been fortunate to participate in healing prayer ministry for over 30 years.

The process of healing has taught me many things. Through the years of praying I have developed a gift of prophesy, a gift of hearing and seeing messages from the Holy Spirit.

I have been blessed to .....

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Thanks for posting the article.  I was a bit skeptical when the author used the word "I" six times in the first four paragraphs, but most of what she says is on target.  (Smiling to self as I realize that we most dislike in others what we most dislike in ourselves!!!)  

Her comments:

"Whether there are demons or not, the cure is the same. People are healed by love.

In the presence of a loving therapist or the love of God that can be intensely experienced in healing prayer, love heals our hurts and our wounds."

are very true words and also the most important in the article.

My comment, paraphrasing Rumi the 12th century Sufi poet, "Life is about finding and removing the obstacles to Love that exist within us."  

Demons do exist, but have a purpose.  We must always remember that the "One" highest consciousness or "Divine" created everything and everything exists within that Divine Consciousness.  The difficult experiences we encounter and deal with as we grow from children to adults help us to become better adults.  So it is with the "weeds in our field."  Overcoming the obstacles creates strength in us.  The trick that most do not understand is "Our strength only comes through our weakness."

Demons can only enter us when we have open wounds that allow them in.  These wounds are open doors.  The radiance of purity of a newborn child is impenetrable to a demon.   When Jesus made the statement "In order to know thy Father you must be like a child"  He was reminding us of this.  We must strive to have the pure radiance of children.

The problem occurs when the dark external influence enters a wound, it is very difficult to heal without first removing the thorn contaminating and festering in the wound.  Likewise, removing the thorn and not healing the wound leaves it open and seven more even worse than the demon cast out may come and take its place.  Thus it is a two step process.  Performing surgery without closing afterward will still kill the patient.  

I used to perform spirit release work with people by removing the intruder.  Now I prefer to empower the individual to remove it themselves as in doing so they are closing the wound in the process.  That is their learning experience which  can be used over and over again throughout their life.

When the disciples ask Jesus why there were some demons which they could not remove, He replied, "There are some demons which must be removed through prayer."  If we do not ask, the higher light beings are not allowed to help.  This is strength through weakness.  

Just my humble opinion. (and I always reserve the right to be wrong!)



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