Here's a story.....Dawn, an acquaintance of mine, stopped by for a chat.  Since she has had a number of paranormal events at home since her parents passed on, I asked her if anything new happened.  It did.  Last week (week of January 13th) while she was upstairs folding clothes, she heard a young child laugh.  And right after that, Dawn heard the downstairs piano play a song from her childhood.  The song played twice; of course, no one was at the piano.  But what is strange is that Dawn was convinced that the child laughing was really her and that the song from the piano was her playing it when she was a young girl.  Sort of like an audio replay of the past.  I never read anything like that before, have you?

     Here's Dawn's second story.....last year the speaker on her treadmill, which was turned off, suddenly "played" 20 seconds of "Pop Goes the World."  This is one of the songs Dawn and her father liked very much when she was growing up.  Now, what are the chances that the selected song was one Dawn recognized and associated with her father?  Almost impossible.  Dawn believes her father was there.  It is possible.  It is truly amazing how ascending spirits can manipulate the EM field to make this happen!

     Has anyone ever personally experienced similar events?  Or has anyone heard of similar events from friends or families?  Any idea as to how these paranormal events happen? 

     Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this.  Hope to hear from you soon.

     Best Wishes.                                   Bob Landro


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