Hi Everyone!  This is my first discussion, and I'm happy to have found ASCS.  Now that I'm a member, I can stay up-to-date with current research into survival of consciousness and the afterlife.

     I've always admired Arthur Ford for his role in creating the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship back in 1956.  And for his vision in bringing clergy into the dialog with researchers who were investigating deep-trance mediums and survival of consciousness.  Rev. Ford correctly stated that of all the people who should be interested in this subject, priests and ministers should be first among them because of their role in preparing their parishioners for the afterlife.

     My question here:  how can we present this valuable research information to members of the clergy?  And how can we do this in a persuasive and non-threating way?  Except for reincarnation, I personally do not see anything in these areas, such as NDEs, evidential mediumship, afterlife communication (fragrances, touch, spirit manifestation, etc.), that run counter to Christian theology.  After all, when we pass on, we will enter the spirit world as spirits.

     I'm bringing this subject up now due to a little synchronicity yesterday.  Since I work at customer service in our local mall, I have access to our computer.  Yesterday Tom, an acquaintance of mine, stopped by for a chat.  And during our conversation, the ASCS home page was on the screen.  Tom belongs to a local Protestant church, and since he's on council, he asked me how his church can bring more young people into the fold.  I asked, "Is it possible to introduce subjects like NDEs and afterlife communication to your pastor?  Would he be willing to explore these subjects and include them into a sermon or two?"  To my surprise, Tom was open to the idea.  Then he said this: "You know, I've always wanted to find out more about Bridey Murphy."  Amazing!  I just then showed him the featured article about.....you guessed it......Bridey Murphy on the ASCS home page.  Exact page at the exact time!  Now, that's synchronicity! 

     Tom told me that he will check out the ASCS site to see if he feels comfortable with its contents and the research being done.  I told him, "Please let me know your reactions?"  However, I couldn't answer his question: "How can I bring this subject up to my pastor?"  And that is why I'm presenting his question to all of you.  What do you think?  Can we develop an effective way of presenting all the various research areas into a convincing case?

     That's it for now.  Again, my thanks to ASCS for making the Community Room available for discussion and insight.  Hope to hear from all of you soon.

     All My Best.                                            Bob Landro       


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