Alan Hugenot : The nature of consciousness

Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot talks about his near-death experience and how he ended up being a medium. He explains the nature and capabilities of our consciousness, and why science has to change its viewpoint to really understand it.

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Comment by Sandy B. on May 7, 2016 at 7:07am

Julia, your book sounds interesting.  I am wondering what's triggering your OBEs if you are not inducing them?  Did they have anything to do with the person that you live with who regularly has OBEs?  Have you traveled beyond your ceiling?  Some people state that they traveled long distances.

Comment by julia sellers on May 7, 2016 at 5:44am

Hi Sandy

My OBEs are from time to time, nothing big. I leave the body , end up on the ceiling, hearing through walls, seeing 360 degrees round, touching through distance. It just happens spontaneously. Never tried to induce them. 

Actually, I have just had a book out on OBEs. However, it is in Slovak, not English

It is called I have seen it tomorrow. It offers first hand professional description of out of body experiences and interdimensional travel of a man who spends significant amount of time out of body, including scientific theories behind the phenomenon as well as detailed descriptions of what can be seen during trips out of body and places one can visit when out of body (such as planets, the Moon, the core of Earth, etc):) 
Comment by Sandy B. on May 6, 2016 at 2:31pm

Hi Julia!  Welcome to ASCSI.  I'm new to this site as well.  I've been here two weeks.

I'd like to hear more about your OBE.  Did something cause it or are you able to make it happen whenever you wish?  I've had an OBE, but it was not expected and I don't know how to make it happen again.  As many times as different people had tried to help me induce an OBE, I haven't been able to do it.

This site is not affiliated with ACISTE, so your post here will not show up on that site unless you post it there too.  I hope to hear more from you on this site as well as on ACISTE.  : )

Comment by julia sellers on May 5, 2016 at 10:10pm


this is my first post. I have just become a member.)

I have my first OBE in 1995. However I live for over 20 years now with someone who spends considerable amounts of time out of body every day, experiencing intensive OBE's fully awake. Whatever leaves the body might be called consciousness, energetic quantum of vibration oscillation pulsation, etheric energy, dark matter energy, whatever you wish to call it.

Consciousness is the link or the substance through which materialisation takes place. Consciousness is  fundamental. Consciousness is made of standing waves which being scalar in their nature are constantly pulsating in and out of creation. If  humans learned the nature of implosion |(cold fusion) and explosion within their own bodies they 'd be able to connect into the ZPE.  The real human senses of  each human body are feeling based which in turn is sound based.  So it is our feelings which change reality. You are what you feel not what you think. Each human can produce torsion waves (standing scalars)  under certain circumstances such as coupling of heart and brain waves.  Well, certain ducts in human body not discovered by science yet) for instance the one located on the right side of your body close to the hip bone are able to produce scalars as well....However, a more subtle energy than torsion and/or scalar energy exits on a deeper level ( it is the so called cold plasm...which to a certain degree can be accessible by bone marrow as well as blood. I might have said this on this forum in the past

If you want to improve your intuition u have to access feeling based vibrations rather than EM based oscillations within your body. So sound works better than light so to speak for improving your intuition and general deeper understanding how things work. Actually, it is the ability to produce standing waves in your body via co-vibrational feeling based resonance will improve your intuition. 

It is the intensity of intention based feeling which counts. The higher intensity, the higher amplitude, the higher amplitude, the higher resonance, the higher resonance the better chance for materialisation of your intentions to occur as well as better chance for changing the course of your future.

Present comes from future. Syntropy rules. Entropy is a servant and slave of syntropy. 

there is no past or future

there is only the eternal now

by feeling certain way here and now you can change both your past as well as your future

when you change your past , u are automatically changing your future as well

past and future can not be separated

past and future are connected via now

now changes past and future

past and future are becoming one in eternal now

by emitting certain frequencies now you can change your past and future at the same time

when you try to change your past by feeling certain way, u are automatically changing your future

when u try to change your future by feeling certain way, u are automatically changing your past

now is the key to everything

feeling now and feeling certain way in order to change both your past as well as your future is the only way to go

never was there any past or future

everything is based on the one and only eternal now.



p.s. is ACISTE and asci2 linked? I mean if I post here would it automatically appear on ACISTE forum? 

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