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Summary of my own lay OBEs research (also posted on the ACISTE Experiencer Forum)

Dear experiencers,

below pls. find a compilation of my own research on OBEs.…


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Soul Work Ensemble Project Tasmania, Australia

Dear Friends of ASCS,

This is my first post on ASCS so please be kind. As a 67 years passionate person who is enjoying travelling through the many pathways and journeys of Spirituality and Consciousness awareness it is good to really connect with like minded persons. Since a premonitory dream in 1973 that fully manifested in 1974 the journey of exploration as both student (aren't we always one) and facilitator has taken me through: spiritualism, new-age practices, social justice, men's…


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One can go on and listen to 1 hr presentation by Karen Herrick PhD on Spirituality and Dysfunctional Families  Interview took place May 25th 2013 but will be on their web site for awhile.  FYI  Enjoy!!!

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