Theresa Yuschok

Presentation Title: The Interior Castle and other Universal Symbols of Soul Growth

Presentation Description: Psychology and Spirituality meet in spontaneous symbols which illuminate "psyche's" unfolding.  Psychiatrist Theresa Yuschok will honor both Freud and Jung ' s contributions  to the unconscious and collective unconscious respectively.  As Jung wrote, "Whatever else the unconscious may be, it is a natural phenomenon that produces symbols and these symbols prove to be meaningful." She will amplify symbols of spiritual transformation (aka aspects of consciousness )by elaborating on each of the rooms in St.Teresa of Avila ' s classic The Interior Castle. How do you imagine your soul? St. Teresa wrote, "Alway visualize your soul as vast, spacious,and plentiful. To do so is no exaggeration. The soul's capacity far transcends our imagining."

Biography: Theresa A. Yuschok, MD, is a psychiatrist with  long-standing interests in  spiritual and psychological growth.   She is President of the C.G. Jung Society of the Triangle, Director of the Durham VA Medical Center Mental Health Clinic.


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