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Panel Title: ESP reports from the Rhine: Pamela St. John, Gonçalo Veiga and Susan Freeman

Panel Description: The Rhine Research Center has been known for decades for laboratory research on ESP. During this time, the Rhine has also received and collected over 14,000 experience reports involving ESP from people from all walks of life from all over the world.  In 1948, Louisa Rhine took on the daunting task of reading, categorizing and answering these reports. Today an unending stream of emails, calls and letters still come to the Rhine and the work of Louisa Rhine continues.

Do these reports hold any clues that may illuminate this extraordinary and often misinterpreted ability?  A small group of Rhine researchers are reviewing reports from people who experience waking psi. Using complex and established qualitative research methods, they are attempting to develop a specific description of the psi phenomenon and to describe the experience of people who have these spontaneous experiences. The group is collecting not just historical reports but new reports through the Rhine website to provide more recent data. Gonçalo Veiga and Susan Freeman, members of the research group, will talk about the efforts to understand the experience of psi, past and present.

How can we support people with psi who often feel alone, confused, or fearful to move in a direction of greater understanding, integration and positive development? Once a month, The Psychic Experiences Group (PEG) meets in the Tanous Library at the Rhine.  These meetings are dedicated to the discussion of psi and consciousness through the sharing of personal experiences without judgment. Pamela St. John, long time facilitator of the group, will talk about the importance of supporting and educating the community about psi.  


Displaying goncalo.PNGDisplaying goncalo.PNGPamela St. John: In 2007, Pamela St. John took on the position of   Facilitator for the PEG (Psychic Experiences Group) monthly meetings at the Rhine Research Center, as well as talking to experiencers from around the world. She is part of the RRC energy healing research team based on W. Bengston's techniques, as well as a development and research project on physical mediumship based on the Scole Experiments from England. Pamela has experiential learning in conscious trance channeling and other various PSI related experiences. She believes that PSI awareness is helpful in all fields, but is especially important in the fields of social and psychological services.

Susan Freeman: Susan joined the staff of the Rhine Center in 2009 as the Events Coordinator. She has been an organizer and active participant in many of the Rhine workshops and programs, and has been involved in a number of research efforts.  Susan has had extensive training in energy healing work, hypnosis, regression and various other aspects of subtle energy work.  For the last 4 years she has spearheaded a small team doing qualitative research and classification of reports of psi that were collected by Louisa Rhine and more recently by her daughter Sally Rhine Feather.



Gonçalo Veiga: Gonçalo has a BSc in Applied Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology by the Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada, in Lisbon, Portugal. He has recently moved to Cary, NC, and has been very engaged with the Rhine Research Center. His interests include the study of folk belief systems, with a focus on the Evil Eye, and the intersection between experience, notions of causality and religious beliefs.





Rhine Psychic Experiences Group (PEG)

Facilitated by Pamela St. John

PEG monthly meetings are dedicated to the discussion of psi and consciousness through the sharing of personal experiences. We follow a simple policy of honesty, privacy, and sharing without judgment. Shared experiences have touched on topics such as telepathy, healing, precognition, extended senses, psychokinesis, remote viewing, dreams, haunting, reincarnation, near death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and other unsolved mysteries. As personal stories flow, ideas and inspiration begin to flow for developing our extended psi senses, and for finding creative ways to be of greater service in the larger community.

WHERE & WHEN:   Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month from 7pm -  9pm at the Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine  (2741 Campus Walk Ave., Durham, NC, 27705).

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