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Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-Conference Workshop

Wednesday June 8  - 10:30 am to 5:00 pm 

“The Future of the Science of Consciousness---After We Awaken Our Experience to the New Paradigms for Reality”

Presented By:

Dr. Vernon Neppe and Dr. Edward Close

Two pioneering scientists, Dr Vernon Neppe and Dr Edward Close have literally applied science to change our understanding of reality by examining the major differences between our day to day experience and our true existence.

Life, order and infinity are intimately part of our everyday reality but those secrets are hidden within the 9 dimensional finite reality which we can only appreciate through our limited space, time and consciousness substrates. Ultimately there is a common thread running through all of this, a third quality, called “gimmel” which may be all consciousness. Gimmel impacts everything from the subatomic through to dark matter and dark energy.  This workshop examines reality from the various aspects of consciousness.

Workshop registrants can purchase the DVD for  $10  to cover costs (one copy per registrant only!). We need to know how many to produce so that if you only purchase at the workshop it's $15. if you are not attending this workshop but are a conference registrant, you can purchase the DVD for a still bargain price of $30.   Taking advantage of these offers saves even more than the registration cost  with the DVD purchase plus a guesstimate of $100 value) So we estimate you will save (we estimate about) $200  for the cost of the DVD.  Please register early to ensure you obtain the DVD  as we cannot guarantee availability for later registrants. * Note these brainvoyage downloads cannot be obtained except at so that this is a great saving. 
We gratefully thank who have agreed to do this for us.

With the DVD, you receive several complimentary handouts in the DVD * as well as the following remarkable options which more than even cover conference registrations.

First offer:   E-books and 10 articles    

Complimentary in the DVD is an enormous value* 

 1.  3 important electronic books:  The Neppe and Close classic book Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works. 5th Edition, plus the E-book:  Reality Begins with Consciousness: Glimpses and Glossary; plus the famous first edition with the Neppe and Close inscription to you (a unique collector's item). ( If  bought separately  this costs $71.97;  and together it is a $47.95 value).  ) .See

If registrants already have copies of RBC, they can choose instead one of :

Vernon Neppe's Déjà vu Trilogy of e- books  ( 3 e-books Deja vu revisited; Deja vu: A second look;  Deja vu: Glossary and Library  (separately these cost $59.97 and together  cost $39.99 together)  See 

Or Vernon Neppe's  Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of hope.  E-book in PDF (the first E-book, we understand so valuable of itself)  $18.95  See  Plus his play Quakes at $19.95. See

This is  a further value of $38.90.

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50% reduction on Déjà vu Trilogy ($19.99) .  Cry the Beloved Mind ($9.47)  and Quakes E-books  ($9.98)  will be locked in the DVD. A savings of about $40.
See   This can be set up at the conference or earlier.
3.Furthermore,  Dr Neppe and Dr Close will enclose 10 of their recent key articles on the topic of  this symposium. Value: Truly remarakable. Some are unavailable because they belong to a closed group. We value this as another  $100 VALUE.
B.  Second offer:  * Additionally, a limited number of  autographed copies of 
Dr Neppe's classic bound book  Cry the Beloved Mind will be available on site for $17.95  ($5 off) and autographed by Dr Neppe. (Usually $22.95). See 
Dr Edward Close's Transcendental Physics will also be available for $19.95 ($5 off the price). (Usually $24.95) See
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 C,  Third offer:  Special coupon codes will be given on site to Workshop registrants (1 use for each of these two)*
a. $5 off first Neppe-Close for  intelligent  laypersons  forthcoming book on topics linked  : The first book is anticipated to be titled "Solved: The God Matrix 1"  when used directly through 
b. $25 off special webinars or conferences that Dr Neppe or Dr Close or Dr Neppe and Dr Close may give (expires 12/31/2016;  for 1 Webinar costing $25 or more; (cannot be combined with other offers)
 D. Continuing Education Certificates: These will be available for $10. *
* While we will do our best to assist with these extras, we cannot guarantee that any or will be available. If not a refund up to the  costs of the DVD  or book purchase less costs can be obtained or replacements at our option.  The e-books and articles will be in the DVD and reproduction for others is forbidden
* While we will do our best to assist with these extras, we cannot guarantee that any of these special offers will be available. If not a refund up to the  costs of the DVD  or book purchase less costs can be obtained or replacements at our option.  The e-books and articles will be in the DVD and reproduction for others is forbidden and violation of copyright laws.

Vernon M . Neppe Vernon M . Neppe MD, PhD(Med), FRSSAf, FFPsych(SA), DFAPA, FFPsych (SA), DPM, MMed (Psych), DipABPN ), DABFM, DABFE, DABPS (Psychopharmacology), FACFE, LMACFE, MB, BCh, DPsM , BA, DSPE, DPECA, FRCPC-10 is Director of the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute in Seattle, WA, Adjunct Professor , Dept of Neurology and Psychiatry , St. Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO and formerly Director, Division of Neuropsychiatry, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Dr Neppe has contributed internationally in the specialties of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neurology, Psychopharmacology, Forensic Psychiatry, Consciousness Research and Epileptology. He also is an author, professional speaker, playwright and philosopher. His books on brain medications include Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope and Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy as well as The Psychology of Déjà 

Edward R. Close is a Physicist, Mathematician, Cosmologist, Environmental  Engineer and Planner, and international consultant. He was a charter member of the U.S.G.S. Systems Analysis Group where he developed state-of-the-art mathematical optimization programs, hierarchical modeling techniques and fractal geometry models of coastal geomorphology, storm cell development and other environmental modeling applications. Dr. Close developed transcendental physics, a discipline linking physical reality and consciousness. Specialties: Application of abstract mathematics to problems in modern physics and consciousness studies, and research in the mind-matter connection. Co-author with research partner Vernon M. Neppe, MD, PhD of books and technical papers related to a comprehensive model of reality that includes consciousness and the physical universe.

Both Dr. Neppe and Dr. Close can be regarded as pioneers of the new interdisciplinary science of Dimensional Biopsychophysics, in which dimensionometry, consciousness and the interface of the biological, psychological and physical are integrated together, as in their remarkably innovative model of the Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm. 

Dr. David Stewart, a physicist, mathematician, theologian, and highly published author, whom is very familiar with the work of Dr Close and Neppe acclaimed:

"I rank Dr. Edward R. Close and Dr. Vernon M. Neppe as peers of the major authors of modern physics and mathematics. I equate them with greats, such as Planck, Einstein, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Bohr, Dirac, Born, Pauli, Bell, De Broglie, their predecessors such as Newton, Maxwell, Leibnitz, Kelvin, and many others. Their work, which is built upon the works of these extraordinarily brilliant and innovating pioneers, has  clarified, and extended the science and mathematics that these geniuses originated over a century ago. The work of Close and Neppe has laid a foundation for all future science to develop. The world of scientific understanding, in all fields, has been permanently changed, and set in a new direction, by the work of Close and Neppe. The future of all mankind is forever brighter because of what they have done. And they aren't finished, yet. … I foresee the day when they will both be awarded other honors, such as a Nobel Prize in Physics and (equivalents in) Mathematics."

                       Price  $95

                       Full time student price until May 1, 2016: $65, and thereafter it will be $85 

                      Half day price until May 1, 2016: $60, and thereafter it will be $75 

                     Half day student price until May 1, 2016: $45 , and thereafter it will be $60 


“The Future of the Science of Consciousness---After We Awaken Our Experience to the New Paradigms for Reality” 

Workshop Schedule

9:00 am Registration Opens

10:30-10:50 am

  • Introduction to the new paradigms for reality.”  Vernon Neppe

10:50-11:40 am

  • The new theory of everything: How our TDVP model changes reality”   Edward Close
  •  “Unifying time, spirituality and consciousness”   Vernon Neppe
  •  “Gimmel: The third substance”   Edward Close 

11:40-11:50 am   Break

11:50 am-12:30 pm

  • “Could the third substance be consciousness?”  Vernon Neppe 
  • “Is our finite reality truly 9 dimensional? Can we prove it?”  Edward Close

12:30-1:00 pm Discussion 

1:00- 2:00 pm   Lunch on own from 

2:00-2:20 pm

  • “Introduction to the science of consciousness” -  Edward  R Close


  • After we awaken our experience”  Vernon Neppe 
  • “Is time and consciousness real?”  Edward Close  
  • “The infinite and spirituality”   Vernon Neppe

 3:25-3:35 pm   Break

 3:35-4:30 pm

  • “The new relative physics: Understanding our dimensions and reality”   Edward Close 
  • “The God Matrix”  Vernon Neppe 
  • “Life, TRUE units and existence”  Edward Close 
  • “What does this mean for Science and Spirituality”   Vernon Neppe

 4:30 - 5:00 pm Discussion 

 5:00 pm Conclusion

Price   $95

Full time student price until May 1, 2016: $65, and thereafter it will be $85 

Half day price until May 1, 2016: $60, and thereafter it will be $75 

Half day student price until May 1, 2016: $45 , and thereafter it will be $60 

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