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Post Conference Workshop Sunday June 12th - 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm ($45)

  “Proof that the Human Soul is Real with Demonstrations of How It Functions”

             By Lee Lawrence  

In this presentation, Lee will explain and demonstrate the anatomy & physiology of the human soul and how it interfaces with the physical body facilitating personality development, chemistry of attraction in relationships, causes of physical and psychological illness, and  how consciousness develops during the lifetime.  This is a summary of a six week seminar course he taught for Duke University on "The Embodiment of the Human Soul." He demonstrates that memories are not stored in the physical body, but in a specific pattern around the physical body in the soul or spirit field.

As a result of his ability to read these stored memories and consciousness flow patterns in people's soul fields, he has conducted thousands of individual case studies allowing him to identify soul consciousness patterns associated with human attributes such as learning disabilities in children, mystical spiritual practices by various religions, psychological treatment and therapy modalities, alternative and conventional healing methods, attributes of aging, and many more facets of consciousness manifesting.

The demonstrations include:

  • Reading an individual's stored memories and showing how memory stimulation many feet from the individual's physical body can move their physical body, even though the five main senses are blocked from stimulation.
  • That thoughts create physical tangible objects.  They are just at a frequency that most individuals do not perceive them. 
  • How emotions are attached to stored memories creating perceptual programming events that influence an individual experiencing PTSD and other traumatic memory defense symptoms.  These can be permanently removed in a few seconds, setting the individual free of the emotional shackles.
  • How forgiveness works on consciousness and why it is so important.
  • How memories are stored and process.  This understanding then demonstrates how learning disabilities are created in children.
  • As a bonus, Lee will demonstrate what causes "chemistry" in relationships and the attraction between individuals
  • And many more.....

Post Conference Workshop Sunday June 12th - 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Making It Easier To Heal the Past to Have a Resentment, Grudge & Guilt-Free Life: from the New Field of Forgiveness Therapy.

     by Dr. Jim Dincalci

Do you anger easily, have low  self-confidence and hopefulness, problems in your relationship? Is it still difficult to get over abuse and trauma you’ve had in your life? All of these could be the result of resentments, grudges and guilt. A great deal of research in the new field of Forgiveness Therapy has gone into how to Let go of resentments, grudge, guilt & and self-blame. Forgiveness is for your healing.

In careful scientific studies, forgiveness therapy and training has been shown to: 
· reduce depression, 
· increase hopefulness, 
· decrease anger & anxiety,
· heal relationships
· increase emotional self-confidence,
· improve compassion, 
· increase personal growth, and 
· improve quality of life

Studies reveal: 

· People who are more forgiving report fewer health and mental problems.
· Forgiveness leads to fewer physical symptoms of stress. 
· Failure to forgive may be more important than hostility as a risk factor for heart disease.
· People who blame other people for their troubles have higher incidence of illness such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.
· People who imagine not forgiving someone show negative changes in blood pressure, muscle tension and immune response. Likewise, people who imagine forgiving their offenders note immediate improvement in their cardiovascular, muscular and nervous systems. Even people with devastating losses can learn to forgive and feel better psychologically and emotionally.

It is a necessary action to lower stress and to keep the peace and well-being of a person, family, and community; and important to effective conflict managing.  Within the workplace forgiving has helped to avert anger, rage, aggressive behavior and lawsuits.  Forgiveness helps relieve pain and distress of those harmed, injured, or victimized.  Changes include enhanced self-respect; more positive mental states; improved emotional states, and ability to pursue constructive goals.

The talk and workshop are practical and independent of any religion. Forgiving is not a sign of weakness, submission, or having to be hurt again. It is for healing yourself. Research has shown that forgiveness plays a key role in physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

As Dr. Dincalci says:

"The point is that your mind can not go in opposite directions and get anywhere.   Resentment and guilt take you in the opposite direction than love, peace, joy, and well being. Even though I’ve done this work for so many years, I still love doing it because I watch people change their lives right in the workshops.The focus is not only the effective methods that help you let go of the past, but also on getting past the many emotional blocks that we have culturally and in the brain that prevent you from forgiving  yourself and others.”

Click here for Dr. Dincalci's Biography.

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