Matthew Thie

Presentation title: Belief Systems and your Personal Power: Metaphors and Tools of Touch for Health® Kinesiology for Greater Self-Awareness, Clarity of Purpose, Personal Empowerment, and physical, mental/emotional, and energetic harmony and function.

Presentation Title: Touch for Health ® Kinesiology (TFH) is a system of balancing Posture, Attitude and Life Energy for greater fulfillment of our life purposes.  TFH founder, John F. Thie, DC mapped “Fowler’s Phases of Faith” to the Chinese “5 Elements” or “Five Phases” of Transformation, considering our beliefs and worldview as both a linear development and a cyclical dynamic.  This lecture/demonstration will explore the “Metaphors” (concepts and symbolism) of muscle testing and body/energy balancing together with creative dialogue & visualization for optimum holistic balance and personal meaning and satisfaction in life.

Bio: Matthew Thie (President, Touch for Health Education) collaborated directly with his father, John Thie, from 1996 until John's death in August of 2005, just before the new book was released. Mat worked with John developing healing protocol, writing articles, teaching seminars around the world and working with students. Matthew has taught about the Chinese 5 Element Metaphors to over 1,000 students worldwide, and trained over 100 Instructors. He is now the director of Touch for Health education and an instructor trainer.

Matthew Thie, M.Ed.
President, Touch for Health Education, Inc.

B.A,  Literature , UC Berkeley, 1988,  M.Ed., UCLA in 1990
TFH Instructor since 1980, IKC TFH Faculty/ Instructor Trainer since 2003,
Past President, TFHKA (2009-2011); Brain Gym Int’l Board, (2010-2013)
Past President, International Kinesiology College (2013-2014)
IKC Director Public Relations (2009-2013) & Research (2006-2013)

Matthew grew up with Touch for Health® (TFH) and Effective Communication skills as part of his everyday family system. Matthew presents TFH as a learning process that anyone can be trained to use for their ongoing, day-to-day optimization of life experience.  His emphasis is on immediately putting the simple techniques into personal practice, and making the concepts and techniques personally meaningful.

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