Larry Green

Presentation Title: Energy Kinesiology: How Everyone Can Access Higher Knowingness

Presentation Description: Energy Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a natural form of biofeedback. In this presentation, discover the many ways muscle testing can be used to improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, help bring the unconscious to light, and connect with your Higher Self or Deep Intuition.

Biography: Larry has been involved in holistic health for over 20 years. He began training in Touch For Health in 1990, and became a certified instructor in 1995. He has served on the board and been president of the National Touch For Health Kinesiology Association. Larry has completed the full Professional Kinesiology Practice training, and has taken the Professional Kinesiology Basic Instructor training.

He has also taken classes in a number of other specialized kinesiology programs. His background includes a degree in Transpersonal Psychology, yoga teacher training and he helped begin the Commonweal Cancer Help Program in Bolinas, CA and worked on staff there for four years. He currently teaches classes in Kinesiology, works with a local cancer support center, and is president of a state wide coalition of complimentary and alternative practices. Larry brings a relaxed style and “serious” sense of humor to all his classes


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