John G. Kruth

Presentation Title: Biophotons or PK? Exploring the Energy Behind Healing

Presentation Description:  The general term “energy healing” represents many different activities, approaches, and theories. This discussion will explore the nature of healing, and how healing, Biophotons, and PK are related. Is healing the result of biophotons? Are healers able to demonstrate PK? A summary of Rhine laboratory studies will be included.

Biography: John G. Kruth  is the Executive Director of Rhine Institute and  founder of the Rhine Education Center.  He has used his extensive technology background to help make the Rhine more accessible to a world-wide audience. He has informally studied parapsychology and PSI for over 35 years and has formally been studying research and evaluation techniques since 2008. He has a Masters of Science in Psychology specializing in research methods and analysis techniques and is using this knowledge to contribute to the research efforts at the Rhine including work on precognition and healing energies. He has worked in large and small organizations as a manager and an operations specialist and is bringing this expertise to the Rhine.

"The Rhine is a community of people dedicated to educating the public and to supporting the advancement of the science of parapsychology. The Rhine has always been the gold standard for scientific research in the field, and now, it has expanded to help develop a community of individuals to support scientists, academics, and those who have anomalous experiences. Through the sharing of experiences with all members of the community, the scientists can focus their efforts on practical applications for their work within the community, and experiencers can gain more knowledge about their experiences and approach them with a clearer understanding of the science."

Rhine Research Center

Since 1935, the Duke Parapsychology Lab and now the Rhine Research Center has been exploring unusual experiences and exceptional phenomena that are typically difficult to capture in a laboratory environment.  Strict protocols and methodologies are the hallmark of research at the Rhine, and Rhine researchers continue to work with scientists from many disciplines to follow the evidence where it leads.

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In 1930, academic research into the field of parapsychology began at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and in 1935 the Duke Parapsychology Labs were established. Joseph B. Rhine led this department and provided a professional study of parapsychology in a university environment. In 1937 the first Journal of Parapsychology was published to provide for a peer reviewed academic forum to record the work being done in the field, and this journal is still in publication today.

In 1965, J.B. Rhine retired from Duke University and formed the independent research center named the Foundation for the Research into the Nature of Man (FRNM) in order to continue to explore his interest in ESP and consciousness studies.

In 1995, the center was renamed the Rhine Research Center, and it continues to follow the original mission in its attempt to produce original research and explore the nature of human consciousness. In addition, the Rhine Education Center provides professional education in parapsychology and public events at the Rhine explore psychic abilities, experiences, techniques, and the culture of ESP throughout the world.

In addition, the Rhine provides significant resources on the history of parapsychology, archival footage, a large research library, and a complete set of the Journal of Parapsychology from 1937 to present.

Finally, the Rhine attempts to foster a community for people who have psychic experiences or are interested in the phenomena. The Psychic Experiences Group (PEG) meets every month at the Rhine and in independent chapters throughout the country. PEG provides a safe and supportive environment for people to talk about their experiences and listen to the experiences of others.

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Current Research at the Rhine Research Center

Visualization Training and Real-life Goal Realization

Through a study of numerous research studies in psychology, sports medicine, and parapsychology, a small group of researchers and experiencers will create a training process for the use of meditation and visualization to achieve real-world goals. This process will be taught to a small group of people and evaluated to determine if it is effective in helping people to achieve their personal, pre-set goals. In addition, the study participants will be evaluated on ESP tasks to determine if this method assists in the successful demonstration of ESP in a controlled setting.

Effects of Emotion and Attitude on Electronic Devices

Numerous people have demonstrated effects on electronic devices, and even more people appear to unintentionally influence the behavior of electronics and even random number generators in a controlled setting. This study will examine the effects of emotional situations on a real-world computer system to determine if there is a demonstrated effect on the electronics when a person becomes anxious, irritated, or frustrated. This project is supported by a grant from the BIAL Foundation.

Does Subliminal Feedback Enhance ESP Ability?

Numerous factors have been proposed to accommodate the ability to perform well on ESP tests including meditation, belief, and positive feedback. This study examines whether subliminal positive feedback can enhance the scores of individuals who have previously demonstrated exceptional scores on ESP tests. During an ESP test, the participant will receive an immediate, subliminal auditory response when they make a correct selection. Their scores will be compared with scores from previous tests where they did not receive feedback. This project is supported by a grant from the BIAL Foundation.

Effective Healing Evaluation

Two groups of energy healers meet at the Rhine on a regular basis to learn energy healing methods, practice their techniques, and work with volunteers to assist with their practice sessions. Some volunteers have reported benefits from these sessions, and some have even reported pain relief and the alleviation of long term symptoms. Researchers will work with these healing groups to evaluate the effectiveness of the healing methods using a controlled approach to healing in a laboratory environment.

The Experience of Healing

What is healing? Does it involve more than a physical effect? Is there such a thing as healing the emotional or spiritual systems? How do the healers experience the healing process?

This qualitative study will collect information from a group of healers at the Rhine to learn more about their experiences and to attempt to create a general description of healing from multiple perspectives. The final goal is to understand the healing process and to describe the concept of healing in terms used by healers and patients.

Psychokinesis (PK): Existence, limitations, and mechanisms

Researchers at the Rhine have observed psychokinesis (PK) with a number of different participants in a controlled setting. Effects have been observed repeatedly on an Egley Wheel (a pinwheel device, like a psi wheel, that is commercially produced), and Rhine researchers have not found any physical forces responsible for the observed effects. There is an indication from another lab that there may be physical forces that are affecting this device, and research is continuing to determine what is making the wheel turn.

In addition, one participant has demonstrated a consistent micro-PK effect. This participant is demonstrating effects on random number generators and other electronic systems. The effect is produced on-demand and the results far exceed variations expected by chance. With a participant that can consistently demonstrate this effect, it is possible to begin to explore the nature of this effect and the limitations. Controlled studies are being conducted to determine whether the observed effect is magnetic, electrical, or related to heat or light. These studies are being conducted in the laboratory, but also from a distance of hundreds of miles using a Skype connection.

Examining the Nature of Waking Intuition:

Rhine researchers are reviewing reports to the Rhine of people who experience waking psi. Using complex and established qualitative research methods, they are attempting to develop a specific description of the psi phenomenon and to describe the experience of people who have these spontaneous experiences. Besides historical reports, this group is also collecting new reports through the Rhine website to provide more recent data.

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