Ginette Nachman

Presentation title: The Farther Reaches of Mind/Body Medicine:  Support for Nonlocal Influences in Healing

Presentation description: Dr. Nachman will review historical, anecdotal, and research data, supporting the idea that people can influence each other physiologically at a distance.  Her talk will end with a brief overview of what she considers to be the most intriguing work in this area, and its implications for healing.

Ginette Nachman M.D. Ph.D. holds doctorates in medicine and clinical psychology. Dr. Nachman has a longstanding interest in helping to educate health care and mental health professionals regarding non-local aspects of consciousness and clinical approaches to exceptional experiences. She contributed a paper to the May 2009 issue of Psychiatric Annals dealing with clinical aspects of psi and synchronicity experiences. She has served as a Board Member and Director of Education for the Rhine Research Center, where she is currently a Research Associate. She is also Director of Research for the International Association for Near Death Studies. Ginette gives a yearly presentation at the UNC Medical School on the Science Behind Nonlocal Healing.

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