Bob Trowbridge

Presentation Title: Spiritual Transformation: What Stands in Your Way?

Presentation Description: Many have had spiritual experiences and seek still greater experiences. We seek a life‐altering transformation. We call this enlightenment. It is commonly held that enlightenment is difficult to achieve and few have done so. What is enlightenment and what may be standing in our way? What is truly possible?

Biography: Bob Trowbridge, M.Div. has explored spiritual themes as a speaker, workshop leader, counselor, and writer. He gave workshops and talks in California and nationally for over 30 years. He was a guest on radio and TV programs and has dozens of published articles. He has spoken many times for the A.R.E. and New Thought churches and other venues. Bob is the author of The Hidden Meaning of Illness: Disease as a Symbol & Metaphor. (Out of print.)

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