Bob Deschner and Dottie Goodsun

Presentation title: The Spirituality of Profound Relaxation for Veterans with Military Post-Traumatic Stress and Chronic Pain

Presentation description: The Vet TRIIP Integrative Immersion Process Sessions for Military Post-Traumatic Stress and chronic pain use a wide range of modalities to promote relaxation, more comfort and better sleep. Case histories will include the spiritual experiences reported by veterans when they reach a state of profound relaxation.

Bob Deschner, MS; qigong practitioner and Dottie Goodsun, DD; MEd; EFT-Level II, co-developed the Vet TRIIP Programs. Bob’s background in chemical engineering/chemistry resulted in unique insights from using natural healing techniques for stress and pain.

Dottie’s experience as an educator started her path in integrating energy psychology with spirituality.

The Veterans Team Recovery Integrative Immersion Process (Vet TRIIP) is a short term multi-modality complementary integrative immersion program for veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms and related symptoms. Our Goal is to assist veterans and servicemembers; their families and caregivers; and service providers with Post-Traumatic Stress and related symptoms, chronic pain, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries to return to a happy, peaceful, productive and successful civilian life.

Vet TRIIP was developed by Bob Deschner and Dottie Goodsun in conjunction with many talented volunteers at the Austin Veterans and Family Advocacy Council (AVFAC), the Academy for Oriental Medicine at Austin and Adam Coleman who founded SaveAVet. The Vet TRIIP program is based on the successful full time programs at Fort Bliss (the Restoration and Resilience Program developed by Dr. John Fortunato) at Fort Hood (the DAMC Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program developed by Dr. Jerry Wesch).

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