Spiritual Mysticism and Spiritual Transformative Experiences

Spiritual Mysticism and Spiritually Transformative Experiences

June 2016 Conference Chapel Hill, NC

This topic examines the mystical attributes of enlightened individuals of many religions and the profound spiritual awakening experiences encountered by many people today.

Without the knowledge of the signs and symptoms related to a spiritual awakening event many people experiencing these symptoms are becoming fearful and seeking medical treatment to suppress the experience rather than growing through it.  It is our goal to educate and inform individuals as well as medical and psychological practitioners in order that they may differentiate between the experiences.

We do not promote any specific religion or spiritual path, but provide information on the experiences encountered during spiritual growth for all spiritual paths in order to provide better self understanding throughout life's journey and beyond.

If you already registered for the conference and want to add events or meals, please, use this page. If you can't come to the entire conference & just want to attend separate lectures or keynotes or pre&post conference events, you can also use this page:

Suzanne Giesemann

"Adventures in Consciousness: To What End?"

Lee Lawrence

"Recognizing & Resisting Mind Control"

Ginette Nachman

Synchronicity:  Exploring the NonLocal Realm

Bob Trowbridge

Spiritual Transformation: What Stands in Your Way?

Theresa Yushock

 The Interior Castle and other Universal Symbols of Soul Growth

Sandy Briggs

"Awakenings With Prebirth Memories and Philosophy"

Richard Shulman

"Sacred Music; Experience mystical states of consciousness with the vehicle of music"

Jeannie Schaffer Whyte

"The Unexpected Benefits of Mediumship: Live Readings and Healing Messages from the Other Side (Integrity, Spirituality, Metaphysics and Science)"

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