Catching up of Scientific American, I ran across an ad for Freedom from Religion Foundation. Look at This one had Michael Shermer's face and comment. He used reference to his Moral Arc book: "Moral arc of progress is primarily due to the values of science and reason developed during the Enlightenment...." See:

FFRF is focused on religion, but pseudoscience is at the top of their list right after separation between church and state. Everything paranormal is pseudoscience to them. As a practical matter this is one of the very well organized and funded skeptic groups. Many of the members are probably the skeptics making Wikipedia so anti-paranormal.

I have talked before about how the skeptical community is managing to make anything pseudoscience seen by educators and governments as a danger to society. Schools are especially against creative design which is seen as a religious alternative to Darwinian evolution. When they get it kicked out of schools across a state as pseudoscience, then anything called pseudoscience (everything paranormal) including well supported science research in our area of interest is outlawed from the schools.

As for Shermer's Moral Arc, the logic he and the FFRF use is exactly the same as used by Hitler to justify persecution of the Jews.

I would like your input as to how to react to such well-considered movements against our freedom to study the paranormal.

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