I've just begun to read with great interest Peter Harrison's _The Territories of Science and Religion_. In his introduction, he illuminates the changing meanings of the term "religion" over the centuries. I am curious how our membership might interpret the word "religion." When you hear or use the word, do you think of creeds to which people subscribe? Or do you think of spiritual practices? And if you see religion as a practice, is it the practice of rituals or of a transformed lifestyle? Is it going to church or going to a prison to minister to inmates? I'm not looking for theory here or what you think you SHOULD say. I'm looking for the immediate thoughts when the word is used--to get a sense of where we fall in the historical arc of changing meanings.

You can look for the Harrison book review in a future issue of Searchlight or our Journal.

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Excellent thought, Lee. Do you think religions see their role as rendering people eventually independent of religion? What would that look like, if we were educated by religions with a Graduation Day in mind? It seems like we instead have to have a breakup--a divorce--to make that leap.


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