I have heard this morning from our fellow ASCS member Paul Williams, who has released a book titled Image of a Spirit, which recounts his journey of exploration after catching a remarkable image on camera soon after his mother died.

Amazon describes the book in this way: "The first clear image of the human spirit was photographed accidentally, after the death of the author’s mother. This is the story of the taking and the subsequent authenticating and evaluating of the photograph by leading world experts. We may well have here the fulcrum for humanity to lift the veil from the other side(s). This picture is objective evidence: a picture worth 100,000 words. There has not been a comparable objective revelation."

The book's foreword is written by Gary E. Schwartz and has been reviewed by a stellar group of scholars. It is currently available in Kindle format and will soon be ready as a print-on-demand title.

We would love to have a review of this in an ASCS publication, if one of you has an interest.

Paul will be joining us on this site to answer your questions, so I encourage our Kindle crowd to go ahead and get your copy.

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Wow - I can't wait to see the image! I'm heading to Amazon! Thanks!


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