I am interested in new evidence of After Death Communication.  

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Hi Jane, I see you have your own evidence. Not many people can say they have had an OBE.

I expect you are familiar with the arguments that what you experienced was a lucid dream or a memory construct created by a sleeping mind. It is very difficult to argue otherwise, but if you consider the many forms of phenomena we study, you will see that each tends to inherit credibility from the others. If they do, then the question you need to answer for yourself is what evidence makes sense to you based on your experiences.

I study transcommunication, mostly Instrumental TransCommunication (Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and visual phenomena). I am not a parapsychologist, which is helpful because most parapsychologists tend to stay pretty close to psychology and prefer the Super Psi Hypothesis over survival.

I recommend you begin by finding researchers you think are on the right track and then trusting their opinion. Be sure to ask whether or not they have considered research by others you trust. For instance, the anomalistic psychology people are especially reluctant to consider evidence of psi and survival. People studying psi are reluctant to get involved with transcommunication. 

The differences are that anomalistic psychology depends on the idea that all paranormal phenomena are mental constructs (aka mental illness). Super psi proposes mind is a product of brain and survival is only in the form of memory. Survival proposes mind preceded brain and survives as a living, evolving personality when the brain dies (I like the avatar model). The study of survival depends on the study of psi phenomena, but also transcommunication. Psi is mostly studied sans transcommunication, leaving most psi research reports a little lopsided.

Research supporting Super Psi is abundant and tends to support survival if you require that research results are written with survival as a possibility. Most research does, but the reports are written for Super Psi. Most survival research is focused on OBE, NDE, reincarnation and mediumship. Of those, mediumship is considered the least convincing. People studying OBE, NDE and reincarnation tend to be insular and I see little collaboration between them and parapsychologists studying psi. None of them pay much attention to survival studies.

I like Chris Carter's work for psi evidence. He has several books that are well written. See: http://www.amazon.com/Science-Psychic-Phenomena-House-Skeptics/dp/1...

There are a number of my essays at http://ethericstudies.org/concepts.htm. They are a little out of date because I have dedicated all of my efforts toward compiling a book. Even so, there are many references that should help. The Trans-survival Hypotheses essay is a good place to start, but use the Glossary of Terms. Be mindful that I fancy myself a metaphysician and tend to be a little technical, so it may be best to just use the references.

So, the best evidence I know of for survival is a combination of Rupert Sheldrake's Hypothesis of Formative Causation  (aka morphic resonance) and Jim Carpenter's First Sight Theory with the evidence of transcommunication. In transcommunication, physical mediumship can be one of several references providing mutually inherited credibility. 

I hope that others will pitch in. It is questions like yours that this board is best able to serve.

Thank you Tom, I finally was able to see your complete reply.  Yes, I agree with Chris Carter's psi evidence.  Absolutely.  I experienced it!  When I left my body and brain, I had greater awareness, Universal knowledge.  Unfortunately, I can't recall it, although I know what is true and not true, if that makes any sense. It is deep inside somewhere. I do believe it is available to all of us.  Thanks for the references and links to your site.  Lots to read about.  Thank you!

Hi all.. sorry, I am having problems navigating on this forum.  I cant see the reply here from Tom Butler. But I did see it  on my home page. So yes, I have had confirming evidence that this is not all there is. It has made me hungry to know more, and connect with others who have had the same experience.   As yet, I don't know anyone.  When people describe their obe it isn't at all like what I had.  Mine was more like NDE's.  I didn't see my body laying there from a place near the ceiling or anything like that.  NO, I was not in this world. Or dimension..whatever.. I don't have the labels for it,.  It was life changing. 

I am curious about confirmations from those that have communicated with those who have crossed.  Confirmed ADC's.  Or those that have actually seen loved ones.  Are there any books recommended?

     Hi, Jane!  My name is Bob Landro, and I'd like to respectfully recommend a number of books that will help you distinguish NDEs from OBEs.  Plus some classics in the field of After Death Communication. 

     Regarding NDEs, "Life After Life" by Dr. Raymond Moody, and "Transformed by the Light" by Dr. Melvin Morse will point you in the right direction.  Also, "The Light Beyond" by Dr. Moody.  These are older titles, but they are credible sources.  If you check online, you will find more up-to-date books by distinguished researchers in the NDE field.

     The field of OBEs have their share of titles: "Return from Tomorrow" by George Ritchie and "Journeys Out of the Body" by Robert Monroe are classics in this field.  Also, Diane Morrissey wrote "Anyone Can See the Light - 7 Keys to a Guided OBE."  Sort of like a do-it-yourself book.  See if there is anything interesting here.

     Finally, After Death Communication.  Two titles come to mind: "Hello from Heaven" by Bill and Judy Guggenheim" and "After Life Encounters" by Diane Arcangel.  "Hello from Heaven" was published in 1998, yet it contains a treasure trove of the various ways our loved ones attempt to communicate with us.

     My personal contact with ADCs involved a good friend of mine; he experienced two separate events, and we both discovered that the second ADC contained evidential information that seemed to confirm that a friend of his on the other side was attempting to communicate with his sister via my friend via clairaudience and clairvoyance.  He succeeded.  All turned out well.

     Hope these titles are helpful.  Let me know if they help you distinguish your NDE from an OBE.

     Best Wishes.                                                        Bob Landro 


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