I just discovered this website as I am very interested in  discussing the Afterlife, since I now know for sure it exists. 

I had an OBE/STE that was totally spontaneous.  I was in training to become a Hypnotherapist and was in a deep trance, suddenly I was floating in the Universe.  I didn't see anyone but I didn't feel alone, felt I had others with me. The feelings of Love and Peace were overwhelming. A place of perfection, no concerns, no questions.  An expanded awareness, knowing we are connected to everything. Knowing we do not die. Prior to this, I did not believe in life after death. I had not heard of OBE's, so I was totally blown away by it.  I had a higher vibration that stayed with me for awhile.  Also, days later a Kundalini experience, which I hadn't heard of.  I had more intuition, in fact a little psychic. All the symptoms on this website checked!  It changed my life.  But it was hard telling people about it, most thought It was a dream or I was delusional.  I was blown away when I read Eben Alexander's book "Proof of Heaven" when he described my experience better than I could.

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I would love to hear details if you care to share.   Many people have had similar experiences and can help you to understand yours if you have questions.   These are real experiences and not delusions, it's just difficult finding people who understand.

HI Jane!  It sounds as if your experience was intended to broaden your abilities as a Hypnotherapist.  Do you feel that it has added to your abilities? Are you a practicing Hypnotherapist now? I had a not-so-NDE - I was very much conscious and not at all sick.  It was deeply Spiritual and transformative.   I recently had the opportunity to meet Dr. Eben Alexander at the 4th Afterlife Awareness Conference in Portland, OR.  He is a very genuine, friendly and outgoing man.  I believe his book is part of a whole new wave in consciousness studies.  He is working on a new book, "The Map Of Heaven" - looks as if it will be full of researched material and is co-authored by Ptolemy Tompkins, who has written several books in the field?  I've never read his work.  

 Dr Moody also spoke at the conference. He is coming to a new understanding that a different kind of "reasoning" is needed in order to validate the experiences and is studying a way to form a "conceptual framework" that will offer a more valid way to communicate about our various experiences.  It is a really exciting time in the field of this kind of experience. . . I do feel that personal experiences, like yours, mine, Eben's, et al is the web that underpins all the scientific research into the field.  We are the font line!! : )  Don't ya love it!!  

Hi Sharon! I guess I have been MIA for quite awhile..lol I had forgotton I signed up here.

But yes, it is an exciting time.  When I had my experience 15 yrs. ago no one was talking about them, I didn't even know what it was called.  It did expand my awareness alot! And definitely added to my ablilities as a hypnotherapist, past-life regression work seemed to fall in my lap!  Eben's book was so validating for me, in parts was telling my exact experience better than I  could!  I have his new book but not read it yet. Thanks for responding.

Hi jane!  What are you up to?  i wanted to let you know that I have an article in the December issue of the "Searchlight."  I hope you will read it and give me your thoughts!  


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