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The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc.,
2015 40th Annual Conference

Wednesday, June 10, 7 PM to  Sunday, June 14, 12 Noon
At the Sheraton Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Aspects of Consciousness

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This topic examines the mystical attributes of enlightened individuals of many religions and the profound spiritual awakening experiences encountered by many people today

These speakers address research and experiences of individuals who have had near death experiences or communication with deceased loved ones

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine is addressed with a focus on the integration with conventional medicine and evidence based research 

Conference Schedule Here: Schedule

Conference Registration Fees:

♦ Late Registration Fee (April 16- June 5, 2015):
            $295 Members, $320 Non-Members; $150 for full-time students
♦ After June 5, 2015 and on-site:
            $325 Members, $350 Non-Members$150 for full-time students

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Conference Dates:

Pre-Conference Date (not included in the cost of the main conference): June 10
Main Conference:
Wednesday  June 10, 2015 (7pm) 
to Sunday  June 14, 2015 (apx. 12.30pm)
Post Conference Date (not included in the cost of the main conference): June 14

11 Keynote Presentations included in the price of the conference
(plus 26 more speakers!):

"Getting Out of the Box:  Redefining What is Real"
 June 10 - evening
"Dreams from Another Dimension?"
June 11 - morning
"Dreaming the Future: Evidence for a Holistic Connecting Principle"
 June 11 - afternoon

"Lucid Dreaming's Potential for Healing"
 June 11 - evening
.                                                                                                                                                               .
"Understanding the Human Soul and the Purpose of Life"
June 12 - morning
.                                                                                                                                                               .
"An Overview of the Edgar Cayce Material"
 June 12 - afternoon
"Do Rumi & Hafiz Still Speak to us Today?"
June 12 - evening
.                                                                                                                                                   .
"Dreams: Your Pathway to Personal Guidance and Intuition"
June 13 - morning
.                                                                                                                                              .
.                                                                                                                                                                      .
"Spirit and the Soul Phone: Who will use it here and There?"
June 13 - afternoon
.                                                                                                                                                   .
"Healing the Residue of Past Life Trauma"
 June 13 - evening
.                                                                                                                                                          .
"We Are More Than Our Physical Bodies"
June 14 - morning
To download the Conference Schedule (subject to change), please click on the button below. It will automatically save the PDF file in the Downloads folder of your browser: 

Pre & Post Conference Events:

Relationships, Love and Energy Psychology with Lee Lawrence ($65)
Sunday, June 14, 
“Why am I in this relationship?” “What’s missing in my life?” “Why can’t I find the right relationship?” If these questions sound hauntingly familiar, that’s because they are valid questions whether you are searching for someone, dating, just married, or celebrating your golden anniversary. In this special presentation entitled “Relationships, Love, and Energy Psychology”, Lee Lawrence will demonstrate and explain our unconscious motivations and what creates the “chemistry of love.” Every relationship is unique, and understanding this uniqueness is the key to finding love that is fulfilling and lasting. Lee will clearly show—with audience volunteers— how energy psychology techniques can locate the perceptual programming events in our lives that have either shackled us into bad relationships, or motivated us to sabotage good relationships. With such awareness, we can at last truly set ourselves free to enjoy the benefits of healthy love.

A New Perspective on Christian Scripture Based Upon the Science of the Human Soul or Spirit with Lee Lawrence
Wednesday June 10, 9 am -12 Noon ($45)
Many Christian scriptures have puzzled scholars since they were written.  A detailed understanding of the human soul or spirit and how it functions as it grows spiritually leads to a greater understanding of the original scriptures. This lecture/workshop includes many demonstrations where individuals can personally experience this new understanding. Topics included are: The Science of Prayer, The Mechanics of Forgiveness, Understanding Communion and the “Born Again” Experience, Why the Humble, Meek & Poor Shall Inherit the Kingdom, How Jesus Healed (And commented to His Disciples when He sent them “The things that I do and more you too shall do......”  Bring your questions to this workshop.  (For a more complete description click here)

Awakened Living 301: The Advanced Course for Souls Living on the Earth Plane with Suzanne Giesemann  ($45)

Wednesday, June 10, 1-4pm
Laced with evidence of a greater reality, this dynamic course provides essential tools for thriving as a fully conscious, trans-dimensional being.  Awakened Living 301 will show you how to optimize the human-spirit experience with lessons and practical exercises that will take you beyond basic metaphysics to such advanced concepts as: seeing with the eyes of the soul, eliminating ego and finding freedom, coming into alignment with your true nature, and rewriting your story from victim to victor.

Energy Medicine, Interactive Demonstration with Donna Eden and David Feinstein ($75)

Sunday, June 14, 1-5pm
Discover how energy medicine can facilitate greater health, vitality, and happiness.  The body’s energies are the blueprint for the physical body, and changes in these energies are followed by physical changes. Re-balancing disrupted energies can prevent and overcome illness, and optimizing the flow of energy can support peak performance. Participants will be able to: 1. Explain one potential health benefit of working with the body’s energies. 2.  Stimulate a set of energy points that provide a quick energy balancing. 3.  Perform the “crown pull” as a way of facilitating mental clarity.

If you already registered for the conference and want to add events or meals, please, use this page:

Special ASCSI HOTEL Room Rate (subject to availability): $99 per night single or double. Sheraton guests get a complimentary breakfast buffet. If you have any issues booking a hotel room (including June 8th) at our special group rate, please email the hotel directly at KTew@sheratonchapelhill.com

If you have registered for the conference and want to be on the room share list, please email Natalie at ascsi.conference@gmail.com. 

Discount: Following the ASCSI conference, another group Touch for Health Kinesiology Association is  also having a conference at the same venue. You can attend both events at a discount - $250 per conference (main conferences only). Check out their pre&post conference events

2015 Conference Cancellation and Refund Policy:
- For cancellations submitted by May 3, your pre-paid conference registration fees will be refunded in full.
For cancellations submitted between May 3 and June 3, your pre-paid conference registration fees will be refunded less a $60 processing fee. 
- No refunds of conference registrations after June 3rd. 
- No refunds will be made for no shows.
- Cancellations must be received in writing to ascsi.conference@gmail.com
- All hotel reservations must be cancelled directly with Sharaton Chapel Hill.
- You are welcome to call the ASCSI office at 919-886-1288  with any questions.

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